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Bonjours à tous, j'ai besoin d'aide pour un travail en anglais. Quelqu'un pourrait il m'aider à me corriger s'il vous plait?
Merci beaucoup voici le texte ci dessous:

Authentic : One of the first features of habitants of the region is the authentic. Back to basic, to live an extraordinary moment.

Barbara : Santa Barbara is the protectress of miners, pyrotechnist or fireman. We can find a Santa Barbara’s statue on each mine on mining region, even in Belgium. She was celebrated in the first week of December. Today, for this occasion, tourism office of Lens-Liévin organize events : giant baptism, orchestra, light game, exhibitions, let of firework…

Charcoal : The charcoal is a fuel sedimentary rock, a fossil fuel, named « houille » too. It is composed of carbon, (because it is rests of prehistoric plant) which can burn many long times. It was an important wealth for France, and its for that the region was attack in wars.

Dangerous : It's very dangerous to work in mines. Most famous are the firedamp (an explosion because of the gas trap in the charcoal) and the silicosis (seek ness which attack lung). Today we must be careful don’t fall when we climb in terril. They are places very hot on terril, with smoke called « fumerolle ». Terril are places which evolved, and its composition (coal, schist and other rock). The coal which is in the terril, with the weight of the other rock and the heat of the sun, make burn and schist became red and resistant.

Exceptionally : UNESCO says about coalfield « The Industrialization process has found applications in various countries and regions and has taken various forms in the territory. Concerning the Nord-Pas de Calais coalfield, some features are exceptional: Geological and territorial continuity […], a quasi-single industry […], A constant rural and agricultural presence […], A high quality and diversified heritage […] ».

Fork : Weapon you one a fork and prepare you to degust a best dish ever. In the restaurant « al’ Fosse 7 » (is located in Avion), eat the famous « welsh ».
Gastronomy : Enjoy the « ch’ti gastronomy », crisp with a special sausage, the fricadelle in the chips shop (friterie)

Heritage : The miner Industries is an heritage of grandparents habitants. They work, and maybe they died, to permit to their children to success.

Industry : The landscape have been imprecated by Charcoal industry. At the top of terrils, see flat landscape where black mountains emerge
Jacket : If you want visit Loos en Gohelle in Winter, you should take your jacket. Terrils are exposed to wind, and they is colder. Even in summer, you should put shoes and a pant : first the ground is scorching hot, the temperature can achieve 60°. Secondly, they are dangerous plants like « Panais brûlant ». Its sap is photosensitive, so if you have some sap on your skin, you will have burn which can serious.

King : In 2012, the Mining Basin has been ranked « World Heritage » by UNESCO like « evolved cultural landscape ». This date, it's the end of some a fight, the one to protect the heritage of charcoal industry. It's the beginning of other fight, the preservation of the environment. The mayor, one day was says « Our landscapes are not made of pink granite, clear seas or snow-capped peaks. Here, man has dug, extracted and built mountains. And the very idea that the history of the miners is worth that of the kings changes everything. It is a human history built on values such as courage, simplicity, solidarity »

Los Angeles : It is almost same place, but in Loos en Gohelle, we have better beer.

Memorial tourism : In the Great War, the town has been razed because a battle is headed : the Loos Battle, and Battle of the Hill 70. In 1917, English and Canadian fight against German, who occupy the territory. They are two military cemetery, when rest John Kipling, Rudyard Kipling son’s ( famous writer of « the jungle book ») and the town honours its heroes whose are fight for him, by building a Canadian Memorial.

Natural : Terrils are considerate as "green lungs" in the midst of all this habitation. A flora and a fauna endemic live in harmony

Original : Do you ever make paragliding without mountain ? We yes. They are original activities : Ski (Noeux les mines), projection of picture (Santa Barbara festival, Loos en Gohelle), VTT (but its dangerous), paragliding, mushroom collect (Liévin, Pinchonvalle) … You can find your happiness !
Pond : Go to see ducks, dragonflies, frogs or many other aquatics animals in « étang d’affaissement ». They were formed because of crumbling in the mine. The ground is singing, and phreatic table to go up to the surface.

Quiet : Listen birds, the wind which pet leafs and the silence of the French campaign, next to the city

Record : Climb to the higher Terrils of Europe, 186 meters, enjoy the landscape, from Canadian National Vimy Memorial to the mount of Flanders.

Soccer : Never you feel this emotion elsewhere in Stade Bollart, in front of RCL soccer match. The club was founded in 1906 for the miner could play and change the mind. Today the club became a symbol for the habitants.

Testify : Coal mines, headgears, company town and all served for the industry are a testimony of men and women whose are worked and died to permit to their children could have got a better life. We have to preserve their testify, don’t forget.

University : the Jean Perrin University is established in old important place for the charcoal industry, « Grands Bureaux » of the Lens-Liévin society. « Grands Bureau » is located in Jean Souvray street, in Lens. It is listed building of Flemish style with an interior art deco style. In interior, we can notice many reference of industry in woodwork, in metalworks…

Vanish : As soon as mines are closed, they were a politic to-do vanish this history. They are destroyed headgear, exploit terril… Now, all this place doesn’t protect, some all them are desert, and can fall down, for example the « fosse 2 des mines de Flines ».

War : It is a place which have know manys wars along is history. In the XX century, Loos en Gohelle and around were strike by world wars. And even in the past their are other battles, like in 1648. In the Thirty Years War, a religion war very important in Europe, Lens is besiege seven time by Spanish and French. In the last battle, in 1648, the victory of France permit to kingdom to became the most wealthy of the world. This battle is describe in the roman of Alexandre Dumas « Vingt Ans après ».

XL : One the edge to coalfield, you can find a statue size XL : it is Vimy. It is a canadian land for commemorate the Battle of Vimy and their victory in 7 April 1917. Each tree of this forest represent a soldat dead in this battle. To the seeview you can watch this part of coalfield.

Yarrow : It is one of many plant which grow one the terril. The most famous are the pavot cornu, l’oseille à feuille d’écusson, but we can find plant more commun like bluwberries, or boulot (the tree).

Zone : The coalfield is 120 km on Pas de Calais and Nord in France, and even more. In Europe, it stretch to Walles on Silesia in Poland.
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